Hello World, Meet Thermal Imaging

My Seek Thermal co-founder Tim Fitzgibbons and I have been working in the thermal imaging field as long as just about anybody I know. We’ve seen the technology move from the aerospace industry into the military, to playing a life saving role in the hands of firefighters and policemen and women. The arc of the technology has been remarkable, and I’m proud that today Tim and I are here with a new company ushering in a new era in thermal imaging.

Today our company introduces the Seek thermal camera. It is the realization of a multi-decade vision to bring the size and cost of thermal imaging down to a place where it could be packaged and sold to the public at large. A comparable thermal camera would have cost $250,000 in the ‘70s, $50,000 in the ‘80s, and $20,000 in the ‘90s. Until today, comparable power in a thermal imager cost $3,000 and up. The Seek thermal camera is priced at $199 and literally fits in the palm of your hand. You can carry it around in your pocket, toss it in a toolbox, clip it to your backpack. It plugs in and out of your phone so you can carry it around and fire it up quickly when you need it. 


Bringing a new hardware product to market is a long, rigorous and sometimes sleepless process. Throughout it all, the Seek team has been incredible and our partnerships with Raytheon and Freescale have enabled us to take advantage of all of their knowledge. We’re honored to work alongside some of the most brilliant engineers in the world. And to those who took a leap of faith and joined us to lead the way to the consumer market, we thank you. We are a startup and this is only the beginning, but it’s a big milestone for both Seek and for the industry as a whole.

Bill Parrish & Tim Fitzgibbons