U.S. $249

Powerful and portable, the Seek Compact is a state-of-the art thermal camera that connects directly to your smartphone (iOS or Android.) Using over 32,000 thermal pixels, Compact creates an image from invisible infrared light. With its wide 36° field of view, Compact is perfect for use indoors and around the home or building.

Just plug Compact into your phone, tap the app, and find, fix and solve faster with more confidence.

  • Contractors can see water damage, air leaks, missing insulation, and other energy inefficiencies
  • Home owners and DIYers can conduct a home energy audit to help save on their energy bill
  • Plumbers can detect water leaks and clogs
  • Electricians can identify electrical shorts, loose wiring, and other safety hazards
  • Pet owners can locate lost pets at night or in conditions of obscured visibility

Available for Android and iPhone
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