Hosts of Wild TV’s Top-Rated Show “The Edge” Set Their Sights On Seek’s Thermal Imaging Cameras to Have Every ‘Edge’ Possible This Season

JUNE 6, 2016 – This past week in the beautiful Canadian province of Saskatchewan, Wild TV began filming the seventh season of its top-rated show, “The Edge.” The series follows experienced hunters and avid outdoorsmen Steve Ecklund, Helgie Eymundson, and Jeff Coyle on heart stopping and physically challenging rifle and archery hunts on their never-ending quest for big game in North America. To give the hosts every “edge” possible, the show is incorporating Seek Thermal’s new line of thermal imaging devices across this season’s upcoming scheduled hunting adventures, including:

  • Saskatchewan Black Bear Hunt (Steve Ecklund and Helgie Eymundson)

  • Montana / Wyoming Deer Hunt (Jeff Coyle)

  • Idaho Elk Hunt (Helgie Eymundson)

  • Mexico Sheep/Deer Hunt (Steve Ecklund)

  • British Columbia Elk Hunt (Jeff Coyle)

  • Newfoundland Woodland Caribou Hunt (Steve Ecklund)

“This new season of The Edge will really challenge us hosts like never before which is why we are incorporating a lot of new gear and smart technology,” said Ecklund. “One great example of this is the Seek Thermal camera which helps us better spot and scout, even track blood trails to recover the animal faster.”

Seek’s line of thermal image cameras for hunting and outdoors includes the CompactXR, which plugs directly into your iOS or Android device and can instantly detect temperatures from -40° to 626° Fahrenheit and up to 1,800 feet away. The RevealXR FastFrame combines an extended range thermal imaging device and high-performance 300-Lumen LED light into one rugged hand-held device built for the field.

“Whether scouting from a tree stand, scanning an open terrain, or spotting along a mountain top, Seek’s Thermal image cameras give us the added edge to see our target, even when we cannot hear them coming,” said Eymundson.

“As hunters, safety is such a huge factor in everything we do,” added Coyle. “Seek’s thermal imaging camera is an affordable, accessible and durable tool for helping us be more aware of and operate safely within our surroundings.”


Seek Thermal’s award-winning CompactXR thermal image camera plugs directly into your iOS or Android device and can instantly detect temperatures from -40° to 626° Fahrenheit and up to 1,800 feet away. For just under $300.00, this gives hunters the affordability to track game, scout terrain, and recover downed animals quicker. It also allows people to easily navigate in darkness and scan around a campsite for predators.

The Seek RevealXR FastFrame, in pure Black and TrueTimber Kanati Camo, is an all-in-one extended range thermal imaging device and high-performance 300-Lumen LED light.  It boasts a 20-degree field of view, an enhanced frame rate for higher quality images, and the ability to detect up to 1,800 feet.

The CompactXR sells for $299.00 USD. The RevealXR FastFrame sells for $469.00 USD.

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Seek Thermal engineers, designs and manufacturers high quality thermal imaging products and core platforms for consumer, commercial, and heat sensing IoT data applications. With headquarters in Santa Barbara, California, the global hub of thermal imaging innovation, the company has developed breakthrough thermal imaging camera cores that will enable a range of affordable products for use at home, work and play. For more information visit and follow #seekthermal on Instagram and @seekthermal on Twitter.

About The EDGE

The EDGE is a hunter's ultimate pursuit to push his limits to conquest over nature or face defeat. Follow Steve Ecklund, Helgie Eymundson and Jeff Coyle on their unparalleled explorations to the EDGE of ultimate adventure. You're invited along to meet the wild people, to live their stories, connect to the untouched land and unspoiled nature - the remarkable things you never new such a journey could entail. From stalking bighorn sheep in the Rockies, competing with the wolves for caribou in the high Arctic, and run-ins with massive moose in Newfoundland...if the challenge is there, so is The EDGE.


Jonalyn Morris
PR for Seek Thermal