Tim Fitzgibbons

Co-Founder, Board Director, Seek Thermal

Tim has been at the forefront of some of the most industry-changing technologies today. From his early career at Rockwell’s Microelectronics Division in Anaheim, CA, Tim led the company’s successful efforts to manufacture liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that resulted in the introduction of the industry’s first “pocket” calculators and digital wristwatches.

As he rose the ranks at Rockwell over a 20 year span, Tim oversaw the repositioning of Rockwell's EOC from a program-driven supplier of infrared detectors for the military to a commercial infrared detector innovator and supplier. In the late 1990s, he brought to market Rockwell’s revolutionary infrared technology that resulted in $40M in sales. It was at Indigo Systems that Tim connected with Bill Parrish where they successfully built the company, introduced some of the biggest advancements in thermal imaging and took the company to an acquisition by FLIR. Alongside Bill Parrish, Tim co-founded Seek Thermal with the vision that thermal image technology should be made available to all.

Tim holds a number of patents for innovations in liquid crystal flat panel display technology; low-noise charge coupled device imagers and uncooled infrared detectors. He completed his graduate education in Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and received his Ph.D EE in 1970, having specialized in chemical vapor deposition for microelectronic device production.