About Seek Thermal

An unseen world of energy surrounds us. It’s part of everything we touch, see and feel. This unseen world provides important information, useful in solving everyday problems. Seek Thermal™ products let you to detect and visualize energy through thermal imaging solutions, sensors and devices - on the job and beyond. We connect this into your every day life to solve real problems. Our purpose is as focused as the infrared imaging technologies we create: to make thermal imaging an accessible, everyday tool, so users can do their jobs faster, smarter, safer and more profitably. We’re helping a global audience see the advantages of thermal imaging – by helping them See the Unseen™.

Leadership Team

William J. Parrish
Co-Founder, CTO, Chairman of the Board
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Tim Fitzgibbons
Co-Founder, Board Director
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Mike Muench
CEO and President, Board Director
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Tim LeBeau
VP, Global Sales
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Russ Mead
VP, Engineering
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Joe Finegold
COO & VP, Manufacturing
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Carol E. Bartholemy
VP, Finance
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Debbie Horne
VP, Human Resources & Administration
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Seek Thermal Inc.
111 Castilian Dr
Santa Barbara, CA 93117